Iron & Wood

This beauty will be perfect out on the patio or by the pool!

Country Vase

Cute and simple centerpiece perfect for a small table. For some reason the color reminds me of the Tardis.

High-boy Pedestal Table

This is a beautiful high-boy/bar height pedestal table. It used to be white and was a little beat up. I have refinished it in an awesome Tiffany blue color and shabby chic’d it. Pictures do not do it justice!

TNBC Momisms


Inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas, which of course I love, I have taken my bathroom momisms and given them the Burton treatment.

Mason Jar Plaques


These sweet little mason jars mounted on wood turned out so amazing! Great for flowers/plants, use them in the kids rooms for small toys or art supplies, the uses for these things are endless!

If I Only Had A Heart


Who needs a heart of glass when you can have a heart of wood? Lots of color options. These things are heavy!


Fireplace upgrade!

Shabby Chic Coffee Table


Found this amazing table at a garage sale and gave it a make over! I just love the shape of it and the cool bonus shelf.

Teal Pedestal Table


Beautiful and rustic teal pedestal table. Could be used as a side table or a plant holder. The color is more amazing in person!


Colored Lanterns!